This week (July 18th to 24th), the NIJ/NLECTC SharePoint instance is being upgraded from 2007 to 2013. During this time, the site has been locked into a "read only" state that allows users to view files only. No edits or new updates/uploads will be allowed. This is being done to maintain the environment so that no changes or updates are lost.

Please note that when the new environment is live, the new login page URL will be https://workspace.justnet.org. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

In an effort to help smooth that transition, here are some publicly available general information resources to help with getting started using SharePoint 2013:
NOTE: These are resources found by Googling the topic "SharePoint 2013 for Beginners," and these resources are not specific to the NIJ/NLECTC Instance of SharePoint. So some options and form/function may not apply.

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